GE Merlin Reverse Osmosis Filters | GE Merlin RO Filters for Well Water

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We have complete sets of replacement GE Merlin RO system filters for the well water GE Merlin Reverse Osmosis System.

This GE reverse osmosis parts set comes with two membranes, which are necessary for the system, a sediment filter, and a finishing post carbon filter. These reverse osmosis membranes and filters produce 720 gallons per day of product water for your well water system and reduces total dissolved solids by an average of 90%. The innovative high flow design of this filter membrane allows the GE Merlin reverse osmosis system to operate without a storage tank. Questionable cloudy water gets filtered out and you get the best tasting and clearest water available.  

GE Merlin RO System Set Includes:
(1) Sediment Prefilter -1266690
(2) GE Merlin Membrane - #TLC-350 - 3027637
(1) Post Carbon Filter - 1244746