Watts QT Quick Twist Reverse Osmosis Filters | WQTSC-10, WQTCBC-10, WQTCGAC-10

Membrane (Recommended): Yes (+$89.99)
Sale price$190.00


We have the Watts QT Quick Twist Reverse Osmosis Filter set.  These filter cartridges are easy to use, theyconnect directly to the unit by a simple 1/4 turn.  The ports are high flow 3/8" ports.  With these filters and system you don't need filter housings, they're eliminated. Since they're twist filters the leave no mess during cartridge replacement.  Quick and easy replacements.  Filters come with double O-rings, there's no leakage.  And the snap and twist means there's less tubing and less parts that can fail on this system.

(1)Sediment Filter:WQTSC-10
(1)Carbon Block Filter: WQTCBC-10
(1)GAC Post-Filter:WQTCGAC-10

Membrane is not included in this set, you change the membrane every 3 years

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