Universal RO Wrench | Reverse Osmosis Housing Wrench

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We carry a Half Circle Wrench, universal to fit most standard water filter housings.  This is a universal 1/2 circle water filter housing wrench that fits most Standard Filter Housings.

This particular half wrench as known as a "C" style open end that fits around most standard housings. It fits standard size and slimline water filter housings. The wrench has a 3-5/8" C-Style opening. Use for twisting off the water filter housing sumps. 

With all the wrenches, it's important to note that you should not over-tighten your housings.  Over-tightening the housings can damage to the O-rings and make re-opening the housing extremely difficult. You should only hand tighten the housings.  The universal filter wrench makes replacing water filters simple.