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Environmentally Green Drinking Water Systems

Going green can be a tough decision. You want to protect the environment, but you also need filtered water with minimal waste. Many businesses and homes are taking on more environmental responsibility, however these days, getting clean water and going green can be tricky. Water filtering can create waste water and typically, reverse osmosis systems work on a 4:1 ratio principle. That means for every single gallon of clean, filtered water you can have up to four gallons of water going down the drain.

That’s definitely a lot of waste water, especially if you’re trying to conserve as much as possible.

There are technological/mechanical advancements to help environmentally-friendly consumers conserve water, making their water costs more affordable, AND get the pure, filtered drinking water they need.

Reverse osmosis membranes and systems are being designed with water efficiency in mind, especially in locations where droughts are common and water is in short supply. There are drinking water filtering systems that are available that waste MUCH less water. In fact, a 1:1 ratio reverse osmosis drinking water system is the most economically effective system on the market today, with a 1:1 membrane than can save you up to 75% on waste water.

Saving up to 75% of four gallons of waste water makes a HUGE difference. That kind of efficient water filtering not only helps the environment, but it also helps with your water bill, without sacrificing the quality your clean drinking water output.

There's Nothing Complex About Reverse Osmosis

The Reverse Osmosis System ProcessIt goes without saying, but getting clean and safe drinking water is important. Depending on where you live clean drinking water could be hard to come by. In order to get pure water you may need a water filtering system.There are different options for filtering your water, but one of the most cost [...]

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Removing Lead From Water

No matter where you live there are tiny amounts of lead in your drinking water. While most places the amount is so minuscule you will never see an effects from it. However, there are certain parts the country that removing lead from your water is very important. As recently as 2010 New York had discovered [...]

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Remove Fluoride From Water

In 1945 America started adding fluoride to the public water supply. Now some people are starting to wonder if this is really a good idea. And every year, more and more homes are receiving fluoridated water. In 2012 CDC released the latest numbers. Out of 313 million people in the US 210 million are on fluoridated water. (stats: http://www.cdc.gov/fluoridation/statistics/2012st... )Is Fluoride Really Bad For You? The [...]

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12 Easy Tips to Save Water in the Bathroom

Regardless of where you call home, clean drinking water is a precious resource. However, several states, including California, are undergoing a severe water shortage making water conservation even more critical. We recommend using a step-by-step approach to lowering water usage around the house. By looking at each area one at a time, we can address the [...]

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5 Steps to Water Conservation in the Laundry Room

The ongoing water shortage in states like California highlights the need for responsible water use and conservation. However, there is so much information available when looking for ways to reduce water use, that if taken in total, it can be quite overwhelming. Our advice is to take a step-by-step approach to reducing water use, looking at [...]

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14 Ways to Save Water in the Kitchen

Some areas of the country are undergoing a severe water shortage, making it ever more important to consider ways to be responsible with this critical resource. There is a lot of information available when looking for ways to reduce water use, and if considered in total, it can be quite overwhelming to know where to [...]

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We've Relaunched ReverseOsmosis.com!

For nearly 20 years our mission has been to help people have the best tasting and safe water for their family, business, or farm. Since we launched reverseosmosis.com in 2010, tens of thousands of customers have trusted us to help them solve their water challenges by visiting our website, relying on our in-house water experts, [...]

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Is Iron in Drinking Water Safe?

Iron is the most plentiful element on Earth, forming much of the Earth’s outer and inner core. Since iron is so abundant and occurs naturally in soil, it is very common to for iron to find it’s way into our groundwater or well water, and eventually to our homes, families, and pets. Iron can also [...]

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Testing Your Water for Total Dissolved Solids and Other Contaminants

Is Your Water Safe? Studies show the leading causes of death and disease worldwide are related to contaminated water, with more than 14,000 people dying every day. It’s an incredibly disturbing number given water’s essential role in our everyday lives. Everyone knows water is key for sustaining not only ourselves, but to growing and maintaining healthy [...]

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